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"Boxes !" is a small game made by Guillaume Quillet, aka "Bestguigui", for the first Gosu Game Jam. Theme was Chaos ! You can sort all thoses boxes now !

It was made using the ruby programing language and the gem gosu only.

You have to sort the boxes falling from the top right corner using three sorting areas. 

Boxes are placed on the conveyer that you can control the speed of. Clicking on an ejection spot will eject the first box to the sorting area.

You can use the 1-2-3 keys to control speed and Q-W-E to eject boxes instead of the mouse if you want to.

When your first box is placed inside an area, the color is chosen. Placing the same color for the entire area will give extra points.

If a box leaves the screen, you get malus points. And if your dropping boxes reach 20 boxes, it's game over.

Have Fun !

Credits :

sounds of Beetlemuse, JonnyRuss01, zivs, unadamlar, Mudkip2016 and Kastenfrosch from https://freesound.org

music from syncopika of https://opengameart.org


BoxesGosuGameJamOctober2021.zip 8 MB

Install instructions

Download and unzip anywhere you want. You can launch the .rb file if you do have ruby and gosu installed. If you want to use the .exe file, please be aware that it can take a couple seconds to boot.

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