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Construction Tasks ! is a simple Game done during the Gosu Game Jam 3 by Guillaume Quillet aka "Bestguigui".

It mimiks the game series Cook Serve Delicious :
- a series a tasks is poping on the left part of the screen*

- to handle one, you have to select if using the appropriate key number (numpad is also compatible)

- then, you have to enter a series of inputs to provide the appropriate action

- when the sequence is correct, the task is completed, gives some points and is removed from the list

- tasks are available only a little time and then start to scroll to the left. If it goes all the way left, you'll have some malus

- reach a certain score to get to next phase

- finish all phases to beat the game.

Game was developped using the Ruby programming language and the gem Gosu only. You can run the script from the ./init.rb file if you have Ruby and Gosu gem installed, or use the provided .exe file on Windows. Please note that I used Ocra to generate this executable, which can be considered as false positive trojan by Windows Defender. Consider using the ruby only version if needed, or you'll have to autorise some exception from Windows Defender.

Credits :

Sounds from freesound.org :

- broumbroum 50565__broumbroum__sf3-sfx-menu-validate.wav

- GameAudio 220174__gameaudio__spacey-loose.wav

- TiesWijnen 413310__tieswijnen__select.mp3

- JustInvoke 446111__justinvoke__success-jingle

Music :
Retro Action Arcade Music for Games by SPANAC from freesoundslibrary.com

Pictures from Pixabay.com

THANK YOU for playing !

Guillaume Quillet aka "Bestguigui"


Gosu_Game_Jam_3_final.zip 10 MB
Gosu_Game_Jam_3_final_ruby_only.zip 5 MB

Install instructions

You can launch directly the init.rb file if you have Ruby installed, along with the ruby gem Gosu. Otherwise, you can simply launch the .exe file. Please not that it can take a couple seconds to launch that way, because of the interpreter being cached.

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