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MINI JAM 48 - Big Blind Boss (BBB)

Big Blind Boss (BBB) is a stealth game about some employee that needs a raise.Your boss doesn’t want to listen to those kind of complains. And your colleagues will warn him if they see you reach his office. 
But lazy as they are, they can only see you straight forward ! 

It was done using Ruby programming language, with Gosu, OpenGL-bindings and ocra gems. Please be aware that the game can take around 10 seconds to launch because of the ruby interpretor.

Move : WASD / arrow keys | Fullscreen : F11 | Exit : Escape key

Guillaume Quillet aka "Bestguigui" : game concept, programming, level design, 3D models and textures
NatZ : interface screens, textures and game ideas
HydroGene : ingame music
D3nX : advice and support
http://soundbible.com/ (Sebastian and Daniel Simion) for sound effects
http://www.freepik.com/ (Freepik and studiogstock) for menu images

Have fun ! The game is challenging but I managed to finish it :)


MINI_JAM_48_BBB.rar 8 MB

Install instructions

You can use the .exe file to launch the game. It will take a couple seconds to load because of Ruby interpretor.

If you do have Ruby and Gosu / Opengl-bindings gems installed, you can launch init.rb directly.

Development log

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